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Propane Tracker

Propane Tracker

Propane Tracker assists those who use propane gas as a primary fuel source for heating and cooking to understand their usage factors.

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 User Instruction

  • Track propane gas usage to understand your demand periods.
  • Understand your propane use and budgeting.
    • Weather factors.
    • Insulation factors.
    • Indoor environmental factors.
    • Create usage reports.
      • Calendar Year Report
      • Heating Season Report
      • Summary Level Report
    • Prompts warn when tank levels calculate below action levels, starting when tank level reaches 30% and below.
  • Provider info stored in the application provides one click access to  emergency contacts, address, phone number, website, email, fax, and other meaningful information.
  • Provider contract and pricing info provides single click access to provider agreements, account number, site number, service agreement, and other meaningful information.
  • Determine your homes overall R-Value.
  • Generate full reports of your energy use profile.
  • Analysis dashboard offers visual snapshot of your propane use over a specified reporting period.
    • Time related use factors to critical tank action levels.
  • Analysis charting displays graphical representation and trending.

Lifetime updates and version level support.

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